Activity Landing

There are so many things to do with GSGWM!

2016 Summer Camp Registration is available for online registration! Search for camp programs online or in our 2016 Camp Guide.

It's super easy to register for an activity! All activities are searchable by date, Girl Scout levels, and even geographic location. Just click the boxes on the left to use the filter and find the perfect activity. Your results will display in a neat list in order by date.

If you already know the name of the program or training, just use the search bar (upper right) and type it in! Find out more about the activity by clicking on its name and you'll have all the details. If you're ready to register, just click the "register" button and you are on your way.

Girls looking to use their Cookie Dough must submit a paper registration.

For other activities, please read complete program registration and refund information.

Family Managers and Troop Leaders are able to register their Family and Troop members upon clicking on the activity.

Girls who are members of other Councils must submit a paper registration.