Why do I see a "Family Roster" when I login to my account?

The Girl Scouts organization has moved to a family-centered model of online registration. Only adults are permitted to login to this system; children under 18 years of age are no longer permitted to login. As such, adults identified as a Family Manager are able to login and manage their whole family with a single login.

As a Family Manager, you can see all of your family’s activities, even if they were registered by someone other than the Family Manager like a Troop Leader or an adult registered themselves online, and you can see all orders you placed online on behalf of your family. You can also manage membership renewals and new memberships for your whole family.

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What makes me a Family Manager?

When a girl is registered as a member in Girl Scouts, information is collected about the girl’s guardians. Typically, whoever is listed as the first guardian, known as "Guardian 1", is identified as the Family Manager.

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Do other adults in my family see the same thing I do?

There can be only one Family Manager per family, but other adults can login to manage their own personal online account.

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I’m not supposed to be a Family Manager or I’m seeing the wrong family, what do I do?

If you believe you are seeing a family in error when you login, please contact your council right away.

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How did Girl Scouts know these people were in my family?

Based on previous Girl Scouts records that were submitted to the council, the people that appear on your Family Roster were identified as being related to each other based on guardianship to a girl.

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How can I change who appears in my family roster? Can I add or remove family members?

As a Family Manager, you have the ability to add new members to your family by clicking the "Add a Family Member" link on the Family Roster page. You can add both children and adults to your family.

If you would like to remove someone from your family, please contact your council. Please note that adults can remove themselves from a family by logging into their own online account, but any relationship to a child will be unaffected by this.

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How do I manage my family’s information?

As a Family Manager, you can update your family’s information by clicking on their name from the Family Roster page. From there, click the "Edit" link to change their information.

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What is the "Year / Serving / Role" column?

This column allows you to see your family members’ Girl Scout information such as:

  • The current or future years of activity in Girl Scouts
  • The troop or group in which the family member participates in the given year
  • The member and/or volunteer role for each troop or group

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What is the "Girl Scout Member Until" column?

A Girl Scout membership is active from October 1st to September 30th of the following year. The date listed in this column is when your family members’ Girl Scout membership will expire.

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Why is there a green symbol ( GS Trefoiil ) in the "Girl Scout Member Until" column?

The Girl Scout icon indicates that the option to renew membership is available for that family member. When it appears, you can renew their membership for the upcoming year.

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What is the "Upgrade to Lifetime Membership" option?

Adults have different Girl Scout membership options available to them. They can purchase an annual membership every year, or they can purchase a Lifetime Membership for a one-time fee. The Lifetime Membership is available to purchase throughout the year.

An active girl member that is graduating from high school also has the option to purchase a Lifetime Membership at a discounted rate. Please contact your council for more details.

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How do I request a volunteer role/position with a troop?

Volunteer roles must be approved by Council staff. It is important that parent volunteers select 03 in order to show on the troop roster. Currently, we are only processing requests for 01 and 03 position codes.

To request a volunteer role/position with a troop or troops, adult members must answer "Yes" to the question "Are you a Girl Scout Volunteer?" during membership registration or renewal then fill-in the "Assign Roles (request form)."

After registration, an adult member may request positions by clicking on "MyName's Account" in the upper right corner. Then the member scrolls down to "How I Participate," clicking the "Add Volunteer Roles" link. In the "Self Report Positions" pop-up the adult member will select the Role, membership Year and search for the troop they will be Serving. After verifying the information, they click "Add." This may be repeated for multiple troops. Clicking "Update Involvement" will forward the requests to GSNorCal. To check on the status of a request contact

Requests can also be made from the Troop Change Form:

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