Why am I prompted to provide troop meeting information?

The information about when, where, and how often troops meet helps the council provide support for Troop Leaders and other volunteers. It is encouraged that you keep this information up-to-date as often as possible.

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Why is the grade level required?

The grade level of each troop provides the council with up-to-date information that is utilized in various ways. It helps councils place girls in age-appropriate troops, and helps in the development of age-appropriate programs for members.

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I’m not going to be the leader next year. Why do I need to fill this out?

In the months before an upcoming membership year, you may be prompted to provide troop meeting information for next year. If you will not be continuing as a Troop Leader, but have any knowledge of when or where the troop will meet, please provide any details you can. If you are uncertain of the future information, please contact your council.

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