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Nature Journals Gr 2-5
Date: July 13, 2019 10:30 AM-11:30 AM (Registration Closes at 11:59 PM ET on July 04, 2019)
Facility Location: Worcester Leadership Center
Worcester, MA

This event takes place at Great Falls Discovery Center, 2 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA

Join DCR Park Interpreters at the Great Falls Discovery Center for a chance to get started on your very own nature journal about plants and animals. We will take a journey, rain or shine, through our Connecticut River habitat dioramas indoors, and weather permitting, the Canalside Rail Trail and Discovery Center grounds, so that we can learn to capture in words and pictures what our senses discover. And, learn how we can make a difference and help the wildlife that we see and love. Meet in the Great Hall for a chance to observe the natural world closely.

This program is open to individual girls with an adult and troops with an adult

Register through GSCWM by July 4.

(14 Available)
(14 Available)
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