Girl Scouts

Camp Like a Girl Scout

At Girl Scout camp, girls build confidence and a greater sense of self while trying new things in a supportive all-girl environment. So get ready to kick back with your new friends on the beach and around the campfire, hug a tree, make a splash, get your hands dirty and your heart pumping...experience an unforgettable outdoor adventure!

Please note: Troop leaders cannot register their troop members for Resident or Day Camp Packages or CBT Wilderness Trip programs - parents/guardians must register their campers.

Resident Camp
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Day Camp
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Troop Camp/Weekend Programs
We offer Troop Weekends now at Camp Birch Trails, Camp Sacajawea, and Camp Nawakwa! View these weekenend programs.

  • 3rd Level:
    - Must have attended a 2nd Level trip of any kind
    - 6-9 days on trail
    - Grades 6-10, Cost is $495
  • 4th Level-Canadian-Red Suspenders:
    - Must have attended a 3rd Level trip of the same type
    - Red suspenders are a tradition in wilderness trips and are received at a campfire ceremony after completion of a 4th Level. They represent maturity, ambition, and a mastery of tripping skills. Fellow campers look up to those who have completed these trips.
    - 8-10 days on trail
    - Grades 8-12, Cost is $640
  • 5th Level:
    - Must have attended at least one 4th Level trip of any kind
    - Girls have fine-tuned all basic camping skills 
    - 12-18 days on trail
    - Grades 9-12, Cost is $685