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If this is your first time accessing the Girl Scout Registration site since August 10, 2013 you MUST click on the
  New Online Account  
button to the right.

Once you have logged into this site you will be able to:
Renew your annual membership or become a new member for the first time
Become a lifetime member and make a lifelong commitment to Girl Scouts
Update your contact information
Manage your family online if you are a Family Manager    
Manage your troop(s) online if you are a Troop Leader (01)

Please be sure to check out the registration tools we have created to assist you:

Instructions for Troop Leaders Registering New Girls/Adults Online
Instructions for Parents Registering a Child Online

Online Registration Manual



            Family Manager

One person per family will be designated as a "Family Manager." This role will be assigned by the system according to the first listed parent or guardian on the child's account (aka Guardian 1) Only the Family Manager will be able to view and manage the accounts of children and adult family member(s) from his/her own log-in. The Family Manager designation can be changed by contacting the council at onlineregistration@gscm.org .

Girls under the age of 18 must be managed by a Family Manager. The adult listed second on the child's account (aka Guardian 2) will become part of the family and can be managed by the Family Manager. The Guardian 2 is also able to activate and manage their own account if they wish. They will see the guardian relationship with their child, but will be unable to manage their child's activities or memberships.

          Troop Leaders  

Troop leaders with an online account can manage their troop(s) and troop members online.